Writing and things

This shouldn’t be so difficult

Beginners are inclined to give rise to all kinds of thoughts; they have pain…and don’t know how to undergo the training.

Master Hsu Yun “What is a hua t’ou?”

I’ve been terrified to write, blog, or try to make any kind of contribution. Like so terrified that in the almost three years that I’ve been learning Swift code, I haven’t made any kind of contribution. I know the why of it, but that’s hasn’t been enough to actually push me off the cliff to write anything. Until today.

So this post is my promise both myself and you (whoever you are). I will write things and publish them here. So what will I write about? Primarily I want this space to be a blog about tech, learning, and my experience with these things. Occasionally I may write more personal thoughts, but I don’t want this space to be too much about that. I have other, not so public, places to do that. Mostly I’d like to explore the realm of learning to write Swift code and creating apps for macOS and iOS platforms. Hopefully what I write here can be helpful or useful to other people. I also hope that, if people read my word vomit, it can bring me help also.

Feel free to say hi! Find me on Mastodon: @JustinSeal@iosdev.space