Writing and things

When you figure it out.

It may not be the best idea, but I know that everyone makes stupid errors. It also feels really awesome to figure out what the stupid error was and fix it!

Mine goes like this. I’ve followed along in a HackingwithSwift course on a simple SwiftUI ToDo list app. Finished, done, lovely. I started another solo project, and thought “Oh, the Navigation on this will be very similar to the ToDo app I just did, I’ll use that as a nice template.” And I thought I made all the correct changes to my data model, my main ContentView, and everything! The dreaded “White Screen of NOTHING” greeted me when I launched the app.

Nothing. Natta. Zilch. Not even the NavigationTitle string. Just a blank white thing.

So I have to kick in the bug squash mode. Data Model? Nope, it’s fine. ContentView? I don’t think so? Oh. Oh Justin. You didn’t inject the NavigationView into the WindowGroup of the app’s ‘@main’ struct. Wow. Fixed.


I mean. It’s an odd feeling when you feel both silly and accomplished at the same time. I think that is a very interesting aspect of learning to Code and being in the Software Development field. I never really had this same feeling in college studying music.


This is what it is

So something happened to my WordPress installation. So here I am starting over. Again. It’s okay. Things happen, and I should learn to back-up my site frequently.